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Our performance as of September 6, 2016.
  • Makes on average up to 20.4% per annum or up to 1.7% per month without studying the market or hardly lifting a finger
  • Over 4 years proven track record of live trading accounts, statistically and historically with an 81.47% cumulative R.O.I
  • Unrivalled 95% mathematical-tested winning probability in your favour with 45-winning months and only 4 losing months.
  • Perfect low-risk-high-return ‘stage-one’ investment that works whether the market moves up, sideways, or even down
  • Requires only 5-minutes (300-seconds) of your time per week from just one weekly phone call, text message, or email (you choose) and our broker will take care of the rest for you!
Wealth-Hack Checklist Owner

Nik Halik - Celebrity Entrepreneur, Thrillionaire
Hi, Nik Halik here…

I want you to take note of this number…
What’s that number mean? I’ll tell you…

You see, I’ve taught financial strategies to roughly 357,140 people… across 41 different countries… over the last 18 years straight!
I’ve also accumulated multiple tens of millions of dollars of personal wealth for the last 25-years, and even self-funded my own $30MM dollar space-mission…
“So? What’s this have to do with me?”, I hear you ask.

Well, A LOT, here’s why…

…You see, from all the different strategies I’ve used to generate my personal wealth over the last 25 years, what you’re about to hear would be my single most predicable and reliable strategy to date… However…

In truth, I’ve been sitting on this info for over a decade.

In fact, it’s only been since 2012 when I first shared it with my exclusive high-paying clients who happily invest up to $5ok per year to learn this from me.
And today will be the first time I’ve shared this info for FREE like this
Ready to hear it?

Okay, hold your horses… You have to promise me you’ll read every word of this letter, okay? Or there’s a chance you’ll miss the magnitude of this info…

So if you haven’t already done so, switch your phone to silent, shut down Facebook, grab a cuppa, and eliminate all distractions for the next 10mins.

Okay, let’s get started…

I’m going turn this UPSIDE DOWN.

What I mean is, before we dive into the details, I want to start at the end, so you’re 100% CLEAR on what kind of CASHFLOW you could potentially make here. Let me demonstrate….

Let’s say we met in July 2012 and you were hungry to invest, but conservatively. And let’s pick a nice round number of say $6,500. Now let’s say you decided to join myself and my other exclusive high-end clients and invest your $6,500 into my #1-rated investment strategy…

And finally, let’s say all you had to do was spend just 5-minutes per week on this strategy. So far so good? Okay…

Here’s what would’ve happened to your $6,500 investment from July 2012 to December 2015.
Yep, you read it correctly... that's a
77.30% Return
from July 2012 to December 2015
And YES, this is backed up with historical & statistical data.
Our performance as of September 6, 2016
Currently 45 WINNING months and only 4 losing months in over 4 years!
Amazing, right?

A 95% success rateUp to 20.4% return per annum or 1.7% per month

Now can you see why I’m calling this my “All-Time-Favourite” strategy? Still need convincing? Fair enough.

So why would you be open to hearing about this
Let’s face it…
Time isn’t on our side.

The years are ZOOMING by faster than we’d like to admit…

Maybe you’re open to hearing this because of the PRESSURE? You know… The pressure to be ‘financial independent before it’s too late? Oh boy… It breathes heavily down your neck every day, doesn’t it?

You work damn hard for your money. And the emotional-stakes are too high to throw your money into a high-risk investment that could go belly-up, right?

All you want is to feel secure about your next move, true?
But what do you do? Doing NOTHING won’t help… I mean, the average savings account will only pay out less than 1% per YEAR! Scrap that idea.

So what about property? Well, you’ll have to invest around $600,000 to get a 4% rental yield per year (assuming 100% occupancy rates)…

… Yet, the earlier chart clearly showed how we pulled in up to 4.2% return in a single month, And made on average 20.4% per annum… for only 5-minutes of work a week…

Look at it this way… You’d have to invest $650,000 in a property to make $26,000 (4%) … Where as you’d only have to invest up to $130,000 in THIS strategy to make up to $26,000!

That’s a difference of $520,000 that you could’ve saved, to get roughly the same return
Sounds too good to be true, but the facts don’t lie.

 I know you’re busting for me to tell you, and don’t worry I will… but let me put one common question to rest once and for all…

“Nik, with all your investing experience, SURELY you would’ve seen higher returns that 20% PA, so why is this your #1 choice?

This is the part where you REALLY need to focus… Especially if you have a STRONG desire to build long-term wealth…

What you’re about to see has served me VERY well over the last 20+ years…

It’s my 5-Point Wealth Matrix Criteria
>>> I use this as a screening system to filter out anything too risky <<<
You’ll be glad to know, this strategy TICKS ALL THE BOXES for my “Growth Investment” criteria. Read this…
  • Know your R.O.I upfront on day 1 - 
I want to know my R.O.I upfront, DAY 1. Most people outlay money with speculation and hope of making money. I despise ‘hope’, I despise ‘wishing’, I like having certainty of my money
  • Know your risk profiles - Know in advance what your worse case scenario is so there are no ugly surprises
  • Recession Proof - No matter what the economy is doing, being up, down, or sideways, I still want to make CASHFLOW, week-in-week-out
  • To have control - I want control to access my money whenever I want and to do whatever I want with no restriction
  • Geo-lifestyle-optimization - I want to be anywhere in the world and have the ability to generate money anywhere and not be restricted by location. I want to be able to make money anywhere in the world, as long as I have my phone, iPad or laptop

Again, this strategy PASSED with flying colours.

Wanna know something else to help you build wealth? I’m feeling generous, so let’s keep going…

Understand this...
You never get rich SPENDING money
You never become rich SAVING money

It gets better. Read on…

My rule-of-thumb to achieve rapid financial growth is to have 70% of your investments be in CASHFLOW strategies… and 30% in capital growth strategies.

I’ll tell you why…

Quick glossary of term, so we’re on the same page here…

“ACTIVE” income = the money you make from your job (or business) where you have to financially trade your time for money to get paid.

“PASSIVE” income = the money you make WITHOUT you actively working or trading your time for.

Now watch this… To achieve LEGITIMATE financial freedom, you need to move away from trading your time for dollars, and have a MINIMUM of a 2:1 “Passive-Income-Ratio”

What I mean by that is… If your living expenses are say $3,000 per month, then your PASSIVE income from investments (not your active working ‘day-to-day’ income) needs to be $6000 per month. The extra $3,000 in this case acts as a further buffer to protect you.

That’s a 2:1 “Passive-Income-Ratio”. Then, what I’d suggest you do is invest 100% (yes 100%) of your active income to increase your ratio to 3:1, 4:1, 5:1, 10:1 and so on…

NOTE: This strategy is close to being a passive investment, being you make money and only need to exchange about 5-minutes per week… Allowing you to buy back your time and have a leveraged lifestyle with your family and kids.
You ONLY become rich by INVESTING money
“Good concept Nik, but how is this possible?”
Glad you asked… It’s possible… for you… and starts by understanding this…
Capital growth comes second
The reason why the strategy I’m about to show you is my #1 Rated Investment… (And should be yours too)… is because it’s by far the most PREDICTABLE & RELIABLE CASHFLOW strategy… and it FEEDS all my other investments…

And ultimately allows me (and my clients using this strategy) to live a 5-day-weekend lifestyle… and now you can too…

Okay, enough build up…

Let me introduce you to my most reliable, predictable and timesaving investment strategy, called…
My #1-Rated Most Reliable Investment Strategy
That’s Fuelled My Lifestyle and Other Investments Over the Last Decade
What is THE BANK STRATEGY in once sentence?
It’s the ultimate done-for-you “Trading-Recommendation-and-Placing-Service” where in less than 5-minutes per week, you can profit from the leading stocks in the US, without even knowing the market! Take it from me… From someone who has over 15 different passive CASHFLOW income streams… and 9 different capital growth strategies… Let me tell you why THE BANK STRATEGY is my favourite… and most importantly… …Why I think EVERYBODY should be taking advantage of THE BANK STRATEGY… Just like my top clients and I have for years….
11 Undeniable & Powerful Reasons Why You Need THE BANK STRATEGY Working For Your Money Today!
1. 95% Mathematically-Tested Success Probability – With 45 WINNING months and only 4 losing months over 4 years in a live account

2. Returns on Average up to 20.4% Per Annum (up to 1.7% PER month) – Predictable upfront so you know in advance the average R.O.I to expect

3. Trumps every other strategy I’ve used in 25 years and is the most ROBUST and reliable way to generate consistent income and equity growth allowing virtually anyone to potentially build wealth

4. Recession-Proof consistent to generate money whether the market moves UP, move UP, DOWN or SIDEWAYS.

5. Requires very little capital – Unlike investing $600k in property for a 4% rental yield, you can get started for a tiny fraction of that and make up to 20.4% per annum… without the headaches of servicing high-mortgage debt.

6. CASHFLOW not Capital Growth – My rule-of-thumb is to invest 70% into CASHFLOW strategies and 30% in capital growth. CASHFLOW is the lifeblood that enables you to have greater investment options in the future

7. ZERO financial market knowledge required – Allow your coach and mentors to hold your hand and teach you THE BANK STRATEGY and transact it for you so you can profit on a weekly basis… So you can carry on with your life and lean on our expertise!

8. Conservative (yet high-return) with low risk & long track record – We’re essentially taking out an insurance policy on the S&P500, which is a basket of the leading 500 companies in the U.S, and we have 4-years of supporting historical and statistical data from LIVE TRADES currently showing a 81.47% cumulative R.O.I.

9. Ticks ALL the boxes of my 5-Point Wealth Matrix Criteria – Which are 1) Know my R.O.I upfront, 2) Know my risk profile, 3) Recession Proof 4) Have control 5) Geo-lifestyle-Optimization

10. Can be SCALED up really fast – if one contract is creating a CASHFLOW Premium of $100, 2 = $200, 10 = $1000 per week, and so on, the more you scale it up, the more you can leverage your time and your efforts

11. Requires Only 5-Minutes of your time per week by simply responding to a weekly notification from our broker who can instantly trade on your behalf, quicker than it takes for you to enjoy a cup of coffee!

If you’re NOT salivating about THE BANK Strategy then you’d better check your wrist for a pulse!
Jokes aside, every other strategy I’ve seen pales in comparison.

See how quickly and easily this’ll help you hit your financial goals faster?

And YES, I already know you have big goals. I know this because you wouldn’t be reading this so intently if you didn’t. And rightly so, because THE BANK STRATEGY works!
So How Does It Work Exactly?
Okay look, a lot of my clients still don’t understand completely (nor do they care) understand exactly how THE BANK STRATEGY works… and they STILL make the same returns as everyone else.

But to put your mind at ease, I’ll do my best to explain it, okay?

Keep in mind…
is NOT About Over-Educating You…
… It’s about educating you ENOUGH so you know how to quickly and easily profit from this STRATEGY so you can BUY BACK your time and leverage your life… While we do all of the hard work for you and deliver you results on a silver platter…
With all that said, let me unpack this out for you…

In short…  What we do is this… We transact and create insurance policies on the financial markets… in particular… the S&P500, which is a basket of the leading and largest 500 capital stocks in the world.

Note:  We’re not taking an insurance policy on individual stocks because they are too volatile… Instead, we’re taking it on the entire S&P500, which gives us a greater degree of control.

Now picture this…

You’re driving down the main street of a large city… Now, have you ever noticed what TWO industries occupy the largest, and most luxurious blocks of real estate?

I’ll tell you… It’s the Banks and Insurance companies.

Here’s my point… Did you know that Insurance companies have up to a 95% probability of making money? It’s because only a small fraction (less than 5%) make a claim on their insurance… The other 95% (what we call “Insurance Premiums paid by the Public”) is all theirs to keep.

Warren Buffett [$90 Billion AUD Net Worth] and his company, Berkshire Hathaway are heavy investors in the insurance industry. Over the past decade, they have amassed a significant War Chest of available cash flow. The anatomy of Warren Buffett’s cash flow system inspired THE BANK STRATEGY over a decade ago.

The lifeblood of Warren Buffett's empire is the insurance premiums, otherwise known as his “Float” or available reserve. It refers to money paid to Berkshire Hathaway’s insurance subsidiaries in premiums and remains on hand to be invested as its managers see fit. Berkshire Hathaway’s float of $77 billion is not only one of the largest in the world, but 50 times what it was a generation ago. It’s allows Berkshire Hathaway to make quick purchases of assets and other wounded companies.

As a form of cash flow to be used for other investment purposes, I incorporate “THE BANK” strategy in the same manner as Warren Buffett. Berkshire Hathaway is currently trading at $207, 945 per Class A Share.
How would you like a business model where you are pretty much guaranteed to keep up to 95% premium?
What’s that? You would? Excellent, then keep reading…

Think about how many YEARS you’ve been paying house or car insurance… And how many times have you made a claim? It’s miniscule in comparison, right?

So with any insurance policy, it has a time-decay factor, that is, by the end of the 12 months, that policy has expired. And like any other policy, you’ll renew it after 12 months, right?

Well… We do the exact same thing - But on the financial markets – Yet our policy lasts for only 7-days (1-week). We call this a “contract.”

What we do is… we identify the “Safe-Zone” and create an insurance policy at a certain price BELOW the current market activity in the S&P500…and we do this every week, 4 times per month.

How and where we set that price is the Proprietary Formula of THE BANK STRATEGY
Again, we create weekly contracts based on our decades of experience tested and propriety formula (responsible for a 95% success rate with 45 winning months out of 49) and we notify you of our “chosen contract” each week!

Now relax, if that didn’t make a whole lot of sense to you, then that’s normal, and you’re not alone. Remember, this is a done-for-you service.

And here’s the good news…
Every member of “THE BANK STRATEGY” get’s access to a mentor and coach for any help…

Bottom line… Results speak for themselves. We do all the hard work for you  to make … Up to 20.4% R.O.I per annum – 95% success rate

So by now, you might be thinking…
“Okay, But what time and effort will it take me?
Another good question… It’s incredibly easy to participate.

Like I said before, we do all the hard work for you… all you have to do is communicate with our broker for 5 mins each week, and that’s it…

Our brokers will reach out to you (email, SMS or phone, your choice) and give you the weekly recommendation… Then our brokers will transact it on your behalf!

Literally one phone call or one email per week, and you could be on your way to growing your wealth and banking premiums.

Think about this… The average Australian spends about 4 minutes drinking one cup of coffee. Let’s say you’re drinking three cups of coffee, that’s 12 minutes per day. With me so far?

Now, all I’m suggesting is this, in order to execute THE BANK STRATEGY, it requires either an email or a phone call. It takes 5 minutes of your time per week.

I want you to break this down. This is 5 minutes per week in order to transact and generate up to 20.4% R.O.I yield for the year.

Yes, you’re reading this correctly… It doesn’t get much harder than that.
Just 5 minutes per week with instant access and support
Again, using the insurance analogy… Insurance companies have up to a 95% mathematical probability of making money…

In other words… Only 5% of insurance holders make claims, and the other 95% expire worthless… giving the insurance company up to 95% premium.

We are applying the same methodology and principles, but on the financial markets… Therefore making THE BANK STRATEGY very lucrative and powerful.
But first, let’s get real here…
We’re investing in the financial markets. I can’t give you, nor can anyone give you a strategy that’ll win 100% every time. However, there are theoretical risks and practical risks. Let me explain…

In terms of theoretical risk, I’ll liken it to buying a blue chip stock, an individual stock in the Dow 30. If you’re investing in this stock, the theoretical risk is that the company can go completely broke and that stock can go down to zero.

However, practically… it’s very VERY unlikely to happen.

Again when we look at that stock, if you’re buying a blue chip stock in the Dow 30, obviously extremely safe, very secure stock… Now liken that to the S&P 500, which is 500 of the biggest companies in the world…. and you’re investing in a diversified portfolio. The chances of that diversified portfolio in the S&P 500 falling by a very significant value is very minimal.

And hey, as they say, the proof is in the pudding with our current 81.47% cumulative R.O.I.
Look at our financial performance of
THE BANK STRATEGY between July 2012 - August  2016
Since the launch of THE BANK STRATEGY in early 2012 for my high-end clients, there have been 45 winning months, with only 4 losing months.

And even though we have over a 4-year stretch of up to 95% success rate... I want you to take notice of the 4 negative months…

In particular, look what happened on the month AFTER the negative one. Notice anything? See the massive upward spike?

Let’s look at Jan 2014 - We had a -2.2% loss, BUT, we had an almost 4% profit the following month!

And here’s what everyone loves about THE BANK…
With any losing month, we’ll normally make our money back within 2-3 weeks on average!
That’s pretty powerful, right?

It means there is a lot of volatility and the premiums are in your favour. Insurance contracts are more expensive and you are the beneficiary of these highly valued premiums.

Okay, so let’s look at July 2014. As you can see in the diagram, we had only our 2nd EVER loss at only -0.5%... (That’s less than 1%), but look at the following month… We almost hit 4% profit again!

Now look at Jan 2015, it was like a tiny -0.3% loss, and look at the following month of Feb 2015… that was almost 5% profit.

So that’s 3 examples of 3 losing months, but the following months we made MORE.

Pretty powerful, and again that’s live, statistical and historical data!
Our performance as of September 6, 2016
Cumulative Performance Statistics:
Historical Performance:
“Okay Nik,
So Who Is This For?”
  • FELLOW TRADERS: When fellow traders complain about never experiencing any kind of consistent success… and they’re only going to give trading ONE LAST SHOT… I point them to THE BANK STRATEGY
  • INVESTORS: When investors come to me wanting to potentially retire from their day job in the next 5 years need something safe to boost their retirement account in order to do so, I point them to the THE BANK STRATEGY
  • BEGINNER INVESTORS: When beginning investors come to me not knowing quite where to start investing, I point them to THE BANK STRATEGY
  • PROPERTY INVESTORS: When property investors complain about hitting the ceiling and not being able to service any more negative gearing debt, I point them to THE BANK STRATEGY.
  • SMSF HOLDERS: If you have a lump some of money sitting in your SMSF and not making much profit… This is the strategy I would trade.
  • WEALTHY: If you have $650,000 - $2 million to invest with, I would absolutely encourage you to make THE BANK STRATEGY the foundation of your investing.
  • And So Much More...
Quick, simple & easy platform to access on your smart phone 24/7
“Okay Nik, how much does this cost ?”
Read this next part s-l-o-w-l-y and carefully…

THE BANK STRATEGY is unrivalled, as you can tell… It’s all about CASHFLOW and returns of up to 20% per annum…

I’ve been personally using this strategy for over a decade… My high-end clients worldwide are LOVING THE BANK STRATEGY… and I GUARANTEE that YOU will fall in love with THE BANK STRATEGY too.

It’s no secret… Due to the low capital requirements, ease of implementation, consistency and efficiency… THE BANK STRATEGY, in my opinion, is the best way to significantly grow virtually any size account, bar none.

In fact, I don’t know of another strategy with this kind of short-term growth potential… that requires such a small amount of capital.

That being said, let’s talk about how you can get started…

It wouldn’t surprise anyone to hear that I could easily charge thousands of dollars for this strategy… and limit it to only those with large accounts…However…

… I want anyone who is serious about their investment success to be able to take advantage of this strategy for the rest of your life.

One thing for certain is this… To provide THE BANK STRATEGY services, it is a 12 month renewal subscription membership…
What you get with
1. 12 months renewable subscription membership of weekly diary recommendations

2. Exclusive brokerage access to THE BANK STRATEGY

3. Your very own personally allocated coach and mentor

4. Our brokers will reach out to you via email or SMS or phone (you choose) and give you the weekly recommendation… Then our brokers will transact it on your behalf. Easy as that.

And… It will NEVER go up in price for you!
The 12-month subscription will eventually be priced at over $1000 per year… then after 12 months; all you need to do is simply renew your subscription to maintain your exclusive BANK brokerage access and weekly recommendation service.


… We’ve crossed paths at a very exciting time… You see, since this is the first time we’ve invited people (outside my clients) to join us in THE BANK STRATEGY, we’re letting a small group of individuals to secure their 12 month subscription for AUD $997.
Secure Your 12 Month Subscription for ONLY AUD $997
To be fair to everyone else, we can’t hold this discounted price for long.

Remember, every dollar you save can go towards ANOTHER contract of $6,500 that can start growing up to 20% per annum.

Okay, so let me tackle another common question…
How much capital do you require to start investing in THE BANK STRATEGY?
ANSWER: The required investment amount to acquire one insurance contract is $6,500. So let me do that math for you… As past history has proven, you would expect your investment to grow up to 1.7% R.O.I month-in-month-out.

If you want to SCALE IT UP… it’s very easy.

Based on our 4-year live test results, here’s an estimate if you want scale it up.
“Is This Strategy Right For You?”
Ask yourself this…

Q: Do you have $6,500 in your bank right now doing nothing?

Well, how would like to make up to 20% per annum on this money?

Q: Do you have money in the SMSF (Self Managed Super Fund)?

Would you like to earn up to 20% per annum on your SMSF money?

Q: Do you have home equity with access an L.O.C (line of credit)?

You do? Okay good. Watch this (you’ll LOVE it)…

Here’s how to make FREE MONEY… I kid you not.
Allow me introduce you to…

Your NEW BEST FRIEND they call, “Mr. Monetary Arbitrage".

Mr. ‘MB’ will work for you 24/7 365 without calling in sick. In fact, you won’t have to pay him, instead, he’ll create free money and pay you!

Follow along as we crunch the numbers together to see how this works…

You see, in Australia the L.O.C rate is roughly 7%. So let’s say you took out $50,000 L.O.C at 7%. And let’s say you put that $50,000 into THE BANK STRATEGY and start making up to 20% per annum.

Now watch closely… For demonstration purposes, let’s say you make 20% on your newly gifted $50,000, which is up to $10,000 profit for the year. Now, don’t forget you have to pay back the 7% L.O.C, which is $3,500. So what do you end up with?

20% minus 7% = A 13% profit spread. So you’ve just pocketed a cool $6,500 profit for the year… using someone else’s money. Not bad, right? You’ve just recycled the bank’s money, yours FREE to KEEP.
Q: Do you have 3 or more investment properties?
If that’s you, first of all, congratulations for making it to the top 5% bracket of Property investors. However, if you’re like most people in Australia, they’ll be negatively geared and draining most of their active income.

A lot of Aussies are asset-rich, but cash flow poor. And a lack of cash flow stunts their financial growth.

Here’s something to consider… Why not sell the third property (that’s only making you 4% rental yield, assuming 100% occupancy rate), and either use the money to invest in MORE contracts with THE BANK STRATEGY and make up to 20% CASHFLOW…


… Pay off and reduce the principle of the other two properties.

Relieve the financial strain of negative gearing and use THE BANK STRATEGY to increase your CASHFLOW to give yourself more investment opportunities. Possibly even supplementing your partner’s income as well.

Another option…
Q: Do you know a friend or family member who has money?
Why not approach them for a Joint Venture. They provide the capital and you provide the brains. Meaning, you be the one who takes the weekly phone calls and talks to our brokers. A simple 50% split down the middle, where you both can make up to 10% each per annum on the money.

Look, whatever you do, be sure to do something! Get educated on this…

Once you’re educated about THE BANK STRATEGY… You are PRIMED and ARMED for life  - and you are recession-proof!

And you can make this work anywhere in the world
  • Can you text anywhere in the world? ✓YES!
  • Can you email anywhere in the world? ✓YES!
  • Can you take a phone call anywhere in the world? ✓YES!

There you have it… And remember…
“Investing is the Holy Grail in becoming a multi-millionaire and you should make more money off your investments than your work”
Okay, there should be only one question left to answer…
“How Do I Get Started?”
That’s the easy part…

In closing… With everything I have discussed in this letter, as you can imagine, the demand for this strategy is very high.

You’d be hard pressed to find anything as profitable with such low-entry point and time-friendly factor than THE BANK STRATEGY.

All that’s left to do is STEP UP and make it happen (and avoid missing out)…

REMEMBER THIS: "If you’re born poor, it’s not your mistake. But if you die poor, it is your mistake."
So be sure to TAKE ACTION today while before the price jumps up… and make your NEXT decision, the BEST decision towards reaching financial independence…
"I look forward to having you join THE BANK STRATEGY and taking advantage of the most efficient, high probability strategy available"
To your success
Nik Halik
P.S. If you’re truly dedicated to get out of the rat-race and have BETTER choices with your lifestyle and income… If you’re looking for a ROBUST and reliable CASHFLOW strategy over up to 20% per annum with nearly 4 years of a 95% success rate… then you should drop everything and subscribe to THE BANK STRATEGY today…

P.P.S. once you lock-in your 12 month subscription for only AUD$997, your price will never change!

P.P.P.S. Be sure to take action today while the price is at it’s lowest…

Terms of Purchase:

1. The BANK STRATEGY is a yearly subscription fee of AUD $997. You will be automatically billed at the end of each year.

2. A grandfathered yearly subscription price is locked in for clients and will never increase.

3. Please note that the BANK STRATEGY returns are based on statistical and historical client records. They represent exceptional returns of up to 20% and are considered to be excellent according to Wall St traders and professionals. Returns of this high-end caliber constitute a formidable way to develop your investing and CashFlow requirements.

4. The BANK STRATEGY subscriptions are non-refundable.

5. You may cancel your subscription at any time you like, provided you give our support desk at least 7 business days notice before the next re-billing.

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